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Monastic Handicrafts

Weaving of prayer ropes, bracelets and crosses is one of the main types of handicrafts of the monks of Mount Athos. In their work holy fathers use wood, silk, wool, seed beads, as well as grains of a unique plant, found only on Athos, which is called "Tears of Virgin Mary". Our e-shop offers a wide range of handmade products from the monasteries of Mount Athos. Any piece of monk's handicraft is not just a valuable purchase, but also a form of charity. Buying Holy Mountain handicrafts, you are helping the monks of Mount Athos.

Mount Athos Pilgrimage


Our Lady's presence is especially felt in Mount Athos, as well as in the lives of those who has turned to Her. Her image permeates our existence, inspires, comforts and educates: sometimes directly, sometimes through Her images, the holy icons. Her names are innumerable, as are Her images. Each icon keeps its own story of the miracles She manifested. In the Icons section of our e-shop, you will find holy icons of the Mother of God, as well as icons depicting our Lord Jesus Christ, archangels and saints.

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Frankincense, Oils & Resins

For thousands of years frankincense and myrrh have been an integral part of Christian rituals. It is no coincidence that frankincense was one of the three precious gifts presented by the Magi to the Baby Jesus. In the Frankincense, Oils & Resins section of our e- shop you can buy charcoal for censer, myrrh, frankincense and other incenses produced by the monks of the Holy Mount. We have gathered for you a unique collection of aromas that will fill your home with peace and tranquility. Frankincense, oils and resins from Athos will make a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones!

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